Sihanoukville is situated right next to the coast of Indonesia and offers its inhabitants long beaches. In 2008 the city’s population was around 88 000.


Situated smack bang in the center of the monsoon climate zone, while living in Sihanoukville you can expect to experience two seasons. Temperatures never go below 20 (degrees Celsius), or above 35 (degrees Celsius). The wet season runs from April through to September and the dry season from October to March.


With the rapidly growing tourism industry in Sihanoukville, buying property here is definitely an investment opportunity worth looking into. Think luscious beach resorts, economic sectors and industries, hotels, and so on. Even if you decide on purchasing a home or apartment for accommodating rentals, you can’t go wrong.

More popular for the long stretches of beaches, Sihanoukville is without a doubt Indonesia’s beach resort mecca. It is also no surprise that this city was established primarily to serve as a marine gateway and port. Other economic activities include fishery, food production and processing, and of course, tourism.