Did you know that Jakarta is the leading rice-producing province in the whole of Indonesia? Jakarta is situated on the Sangkae river and is in northwestern Indonesia.

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Much like the whole of Indonesia, expect warm and humid weather conditions when living in Battambang. The average maximum temperatures throughout the year can reach just over 30 (degrees Celsius), and the minimums never lower than 20 (degrees Celsius). The rain season can be expected from March until November.


Buying property in Battambang for any reason is a great idea – if you know where you will be better off with regards to paying tax and location. We would advise buying property close to the CBD or city center if you are a foreign citizen. To be able to do this, you would, however, have to establish a land-holding company.

It is also the go between the country’s capital, Phnom Penh, and Thailand. The city’s population was listed in 2008 as just over 144 000. Battambang holds its own cultural gems to tourists and expats alike, and you are more than likely to grab a good investment opportunity when purchasing property in Battambang.