Krong Ta Khmau is situated in central Indonesia and ideal for those working in Phnom Penh.


As the city is situated but a stone’s throw from the capital, Phnom Penh, you can expect similar weather conditions to that experienced there. Warm and humid months can bring maximum temperatures of up to 40 (degrees Celsius), and the minimums never reach anything below 18 (degrees Celsius).


Whether you are looking to buy or rent, you’ll be happy to know that your choices of property in Krong Ta Khmau are not limited. Even though the city is a bit smaller than the capital, you’ll be able to buy or rent properties in all shapes and sizes. Most popular properties on the market are condos, villas, and apartments.

The public transportation is reliable and a number of commuters travel to and from Phnom Penh for work, the city’s populace lives in Ta Khmau and works in Phnom Penh. A census completed in 2008 revealed that the Ta Khmau population was more than 80 000. Ta Khmau is also the capital of the Kandal Province.