Let’s take a closer look at reasons why Cambodia’s real estate is considered to be a valuable investment play.

Great returns from the Capitals Rental Market

When compared to other Asian countries where we see a lot of investors flocking to, Phnom Penh is showing the very best returns. Property prices are not very high either, which means your returns are way higher than what you can expect from a big city such as Hong Kong.

When investing in property in Hong Kong, you are looking at earning a very low 2{8eb595c3bc10eb8b9934f9cdb484ca84e99e521e3a18aeaf7d2163fb5c1f234b} return on your investment. Not very impressive. In Kuala Lumpur, this return on investment is a shy 1{8eb595c3bc10eb8b9934f9cdb484ca84e99e521e3a18aeaf7d2163fb5c1f234b} higher, at 3{8eb595c3bc10eb8b9934f9cdb484ca84e99e521e3a18aeaf7d2163fb5c1f234b}.

Cambodia GDP

Cambodia is Southeast Asia’s strongest Economy

A country’s economy is usually a good starting point when starting to investigate investment options. Cambodia’s economy is not only currently the strongest in Southeast Asia, but also growing rapidly. The economy has experienced a steady growth of 7{8eb595c3bc10eb8b9934f9cdb484ca84e99e521e3a18aeaf7d2163fb5c1f234b} over the past 20 years.

Investing where property values aren’t too high

Without too much work or renovations are done, you are able to buy property in Cambodia’s capital and have it cleaned up nicely. Shophouse apartments are among the more popular. Don’t fall for the newly built flats and apartments, these can be a bit pricey. General prices range from $1000 p/sq.m – which is very reasonable when compared to locations like Bangkok or Thailand.

Cambodia Condo Research

To answer the question simply, yes. Cambodia’s real estate market is definitely a valuable investment play. We’d just caution you to get all the details on how you would go about buying property as a foreigner, look at the best locations and weigh up your options. Investing in property in Cambodia is a safe bet. Download our handy Guide to Cambodia Property Investment for more information on property investment in this beautiful country.