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Buying property in Cambodia as a foreigner

If you are not a Cambodian citizen, and you are interested in investing in property in this beautiful country, we are happy to tell you that you are able to do so with little effort. There are some restrictions, but these will not hinder your investment.

As a foreigner, you are not able to buy property on the ground floor of a building. You are however able to buy property on the first floor and any other floor in an apartment building.

Foreign home buyers are also able to purchase or own 49{8eb595c3bc10eb8b9934f9cdb484ca84e99e521e3a18aeaf7d2163fb5c1f234b} of a private property. If you are however interested in owning a property for investment purposes, the Cambodian law has certain ways of achieving this. Let’s take a look at feasible options for owning property in Cambodia as a foreigner.

#1 Establishing a company with a Cambodian citizen

Once you have registered a Pty (Ltd) company with a Cambodian partner, you are able to buy a property, but it has to be registered under your new company’s name.

Partnering up with a Cambodian company or citizen will allow you to earn the full extent of your profit, should you decide to revamp or sell the property after a while. You are liable for the full payment of the mortgage. You have to, however, ensure that you pay attention to the division of the shares of the registered company.

#2 Marry a Cambodian Citizen

If you are joined in marriage with a Cambodian citizen, simply register the property’s title deed that you are looking at buying in your partner’s name. If you are married for a long period of time and have been granted citizenship, you are able to purchase property in your own name. Both parties are however responsible for making decisions with regards to the property.

#3 Register property with a Citizen

If registering a company seems like a schlep and you know a Cambodian citizen that you can trust, you are able to register a property’s title deed in this individual’s name. As soon as a title deed is in the Cambodian citizen’s name, you are given a new title deed entitling you to all profits.

This is done in your best interest and to prohibit the local citizen from selling the property while the title deed is in their name. The citizen in whose name you registered the title deed is not required to be living and working in Cambodia at the time of purchasing the property either.

#4 Get Honorary Cambodian Citizenship

You are able to own property or land if you are granted honorary citizenship by the Royal Government, Ministry of Land Management, and Urban Planning and Construction for the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This is achieved when you sponsor a generous amount of funds to the Kingdom, or if you have benefited the country and its people in a significant way.