1. Skyscanner

Are you familiar with Skyscanner? It’s about time that you are! This platform will literally ‘scan’ all the available flights and airlines and list all the available flights for you, just like that! You are then able to choose the cheapest on the list. Simply type in all the relevant details such as departure date, number of passengers, and you are almost on your way to mystical Cambodia.


2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has tons of benefits for travelers – whether you need to find a place to stay, or need information on where you can go sightseeing, this handy tool now also offers users the ability to look for flights. TripAdvisor will look through and browse airline sites and information and give you a long list of all the available flights for the dates you wish to go on your trip. Traveling has never been this easy or convenient.


3. Air Asia

If you want to avoid having a long standover, you can book one ticket to any part of Asia, and from there book a ticket with Air Asia. Their platform is user-friendly and super fast. You will be able to get to Phnom Penh or any other Cambodian airport for a very affordable price when using Air Asia.


4. Jetstar

Jetstar is another handy tool to use when booking flights. Easily find the cheapest flights to and from Cambodia by completing your flight details and dates and the site should do the rest of the work for you! No more browsing until you are blue in the face! Once the program has run its course, they will give you an extensive list of available flights with details on whether you need to stopover, which is the cheapest, etc. Isn’t it great to have the world at your fingertips?


5. Expedia

Expedia is probably one of the more popular flight tools out there, and it’s been around for quite some time now. Personalise your booking needs by stipulating whether you won’t mind a stopover, the time of departure you prefer, etc. This amazing website will definitely give you results quickly and easily. Remember to have your filter set so that the lowest price ranks first, and you should be on your way to Cambodia sooner than you think.


Another thing to keep in mind when looking for cheap flights is that every airline will have their own rules and regulations when it comes to luggage and what you are allowed to take along onboard as hand luggage. Remember to be at the airport ahead of time to check your bags in and say your goodbyes.

We hope that you’ve found this post helpful and that you are now ready to go on that well-deserved break and that you will book your ticket straight away.